Activated Charcoal is Messy Stuff – Embrace It!

Activated Charcoal Skin and Body Care Products can be VERY messy!

Yes it is true. We do not deny that activated charcoal skin and body care products can be extremely messy. Activated charcoal powder and activated charcoal teeth whiteners can be particularly troublesome. But we are going to go out on a limb here and say…EMBRACE the messyness.

Here are some of Charcoal and Body’s hints and tips to enjoy using your activated charcoal products rather than stressing at the first sign of its black powder or residue on your bathroom sink, in the bath or in the shower.

The Messyness is Worth it

If you need a reminder about the many benefits of activated charcoal head to our Activated Charcoal Body Benefits blog post. For so many activated charcoal skin and body product lovers, the chance of a little spill is not enough to throw the concept out altogether.

So here are our top tips to embrace activated charcoal skin and body care products into your skin and body care rituals and routines:

Head to our Product Reviews to see a large range of activated charcoal skin and body care products with links to purchase if you find something that is just right for you. C&B

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