Our Philosophy

At Charcoal and Body our review philosophy is simple – keep it real. We love activated charcoal skin and body care products. We want to share that passion through our reviews and blog posts.  At the same time, passion can lead to bias in reviews.

We do not accept sponsored reviews. We try to reel in our passion when we’re reviewing and to remain as objective as possible. The integrity of our reviews is of the utmost importance.

Review Sources

We use a range of sources to form our product reviews. Those sources include but are not limited to Amazon, Beautpedia, totalbeauty.com and beautyheaven amongst other sites. At times we will also refer to tools such as Think Dirty, EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and websites such as Peta. In the case of smaller artisan businesses we may source reviews from niche websites understanding those products are sometimes not large enough to appear via mainstream review channels. We aim to give you as much information about a product as we can to help you make a decision.

Everyone has unique skin, body care rituals and comfort levels with the level of investment in skin and body care products. We understand that everyone has different priorities when selecting skin and body care products.  Charcoal and Body uses a format of review that we feel gives you a comprehensive way to compare activated charcoal skin and body care products, even across price brackets.

We encourage you to make contact with us if you would like us to review particular activated charcoal skin and body care products or believe the information we are providing about a product is incorrect or incomplete.

Audio clips

Where possible, we may include audio clips for the activated charcoal products we review. We source these from Youtube or other social media channels to provide additional information or instructions about activated charcoal skin and body care products where we think that will be helpful.

Important to Note

Charcoal and Body does participate in affiliate programs for some skin and body care products we review. Please see our Important Disclosures under the ‘About” tab for more specific details.

From time to time we do ask companies if they are willing to offer discounts or free postage to Charcoal and Body subscribers. Under no circumstance is that arrangement made in exchange for a positive review of their activated charcoal skin or body care product(s).