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Natural Skincare Wonder – Activated Charcoal

We know that you all love to support your home country when you can and so today we are bringing to you. activated charcoal skin and body care products from Canada. Yep. Listen up all patriotic Canadians, here are a few skin and body care products made in Canada or from companies based in Canada. Buying local means you are supporting Canadian based companies. Often times it also means you will get free shipping.

For those of you not familiar with the many and varied benefits of activated charcoal in your skin and body care products, feel free to head over to our blog post Activated Charcoal Body Benefits to learn more.

Activated Charcoal Skin and Body Care Products Made in Canada

For those of you who dabble in a bit of DIY skin and body care goodness, activated charcoal powder is probably the way to go (capsule form is also really great if you are only making small quantities of skin and body care product).

Organika Activated Charcoal Powder is a good option. Buying activated charcoal in powder form means that you have lots of options – you can use it as a tooth polish, mix it with other ingredients to form a face mask, a natural deodorant, a body scrub. The options are endless.








If you are after more of a range of ready made products, Canadian based Charbon Noir could be for you. They offer a blackhead removal mask, a teeth whitener and a soap. All are packaged beautifully and for a limited time they offer free shipping.

Here’s a sneak peak of their products.









Canadian based Lavami source ingredients carefully from all over the world, and with many locally, to ensure that that they are non-GMO, sustainable and of the highest quality. Lavami offers a range of activated charcoal soaps and offer free shipping.

Here’s the Lavami Charcoal Facial Soap which contains activated charcoal along with a range of other ingredients such as olive, coconut and peppermint oils.










No activated charcoal skin and body care list is complete without Kaia Naturals. This Canadian based company have one of THE best activated charcoal ranges going around. Check out their range of deodorants.











To see many more activated charcoal skin and body care products, head to our Product Page

Do you have any favorite Canadian based activated charcoal skin and body care products? We would love to hear about the great natural products you have some across. 

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