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Vegan Toothpaste With or Without Fluoride?

Is Vegan Toothpaste Best With or Without Fluoride?

We all know that looking after our teeth is essential for good oral health. Tooth decay and diseased gums mean more trips to the dentist alongside a significant level of discomfort.

Most commercial toothpastes worldwide contain fluoride. The most commonly communicated reason that fluoride is added to toothpaste is because it helps to prevent tooth decay. Toothpastes containing fluoride have been used for generations. However some people believe that fluoride in toothpaste (and in general!) is detrimental to your health.

With a long standing debate about whether fluoride does more harm than good in toothpaste, we explore the pros and cons of fluoride in vegan toothpaste below.

Pros for Fluoride in Vegan Toothpaste

Those who support the use of fluoride in vegan toothpaste believe:

  • that fluoride can be helpful if your water source has low fluoride levels (you can make contact with your local water authority to understand how much fluoride there is in your area’s water supply)
  • it prevents tooth decay
  • it strengthens enamel
  • it prevents cavities and tooth loss

Cons for Fluoride in Vegan Toothpaste

Those who do not support the use of fluoride in vegan toothpaste believe:

  • It may cause a damaging effect called fluorosis.  Fluorosis is a condition caused by excessive intake of fluorine compounds, marked by mottling of the teeth
  • Is potentially toxic (there are many research reports, studies and expert opinions that suggest fluoride can cause significant illnesses)
  • Is completely inappropriate for toddlers or anyone who cannot spit all of their toothpaste out
  • For toddlers, toothpaste ingestion during this critical period of tooth development may be a risk factor in the development of fluorisis referenced above


Want to Know More?

People in a free society most certainly have a right to choose whether or not they purchase toothpastes containing fluoride. Both those who support its use in toothpaste and those who don’t, have a right to their opinion.

Many suggest that the promotion of fluoride in toothpastes should not be allowed without reference to its potential dangers. There are plenty of research papers, reputable journal articles and expert opinions available for you to access on the web. You only need to google “pros and cons of fluoride in toothpaste” to navigate this debate further.

Further reading on the topic should help you to make a choice that is right for you. Make sure you read reports from reputable study and research groups to make an informed decision.

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