The 4 ‘S’ Approach to Calm this Weekend

What 4 ‘S’ words are we talking about?
Shower, Sight, Scent and Sound

Yep these four S’s can help you to unwind this weekend. Take the time to slow down a little. Replace the week’s busyness with some calm and quiet. Here’s a simple way to create some indulgence, relaxation and mindfulness in your shower this weekend. All it takes is a focus on your three ‘S’ senses:


The first S stands for sight. Nothing says relaxation like the sight of your undies that have been on the bathroom floor for the last couple of days! What about the sight of used ear cleaners on the bathroom bench? Clear anything that doesn’t spark joy or a sense of calm out of the bathroom whilst you shower – out of sight, hopefully out of mind…for a few minutes at least.


The second S stands for scent (well technically it stands for smell but you know what we mean). Here is a simple way to create an indulgent shower experience. Pop some greenery in your shower. Yep. Find a small vase or bottle and fill it with some green leaves. Place it in your shower caddy or your inbuilt shower shelf. And voila, instant private haven.

For an even more indulgent experience, grab some lavender sprigs and other scented herbs, tie them together with twine and hang them behind your shower head. The steam from your shower water will pick up those scents and carry them straight to you. Of course your favourite activated charcoal skin or body care product also fits the bill here.


The final S sense stands for sound. We are going to go out on a limb here and assume you don’t find the sound of your toddler standing at the shower door demanding toilet assistance calm or relaxing. So shut the bathroom door (and outsource the toilet assistance to another responsible adult!) and put on some of your favourite music. You don’t have to own a BOSE sound system to create calming sounds – just a small radio or i-pod dock will work just fine. Ask your partner to keep the kids at bay just for a few minutes whilst you reclaim some calm. Now cue a quiet golf clap – you have successfully used the 4 ‘S’s to create your own private sanctuary.

Sound simple? It is. Give it a go and see if it works for you. 

Happy weekend everyone. C&B

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