Welcome to Charcoal and Body

Welcome to Charcoal and Body

Charcoal and Body brings to you in-depth independent information, news and unbiased product reviews of activated charcoal products for your body. Used for centuries, charcoal is known for its purifying, enriching and restorative benefits. It is often referred to as “active charcoal”.

Whether you know nothing about the many health benefits of this inherently organic, eco-gentle product or you are a seasoned charcoal advocate and connoisseur, C&B welcomes you to explore this site.  Learn more about activated charcoal and check out body and skin care product posts and reviews.  

Ultimately the goal is to collate and curate information about the health benefits of activated charcoal and provide you with the confidence to source charcoal products that will nurture your body best.

Join the modern wellness revolution and harness the power of charcoal to purify, enrich and inspire.  

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