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Simple Things

Do you notice the simple things?

Happiness and joy often come from the simple things we do in life. Let’s be clear here. Life is not always easy. We all have a share of difficult times in our lives. But navigating some of those difficult times can lead to some very humbling and grounding reflections; it is often the simple things in life that are the most rewarding. Like using simple and fresh ingredients to make your favourite meal, sharing small but meaningful moments with family and friends. It is often everyday simple situations that give rise to laughter and spontaneity.

Charcoal and Body cannot claim to know which simple things are going to bring you the most joy in all aspects of your life. But when it comes to skin and body care rituals here are just a few examples of moments of simplicity that might work for you:

  • Take a long lingering shower
  • Wash your hands…mindfully
  • Really notice a simple task like putting on a face mask. Notice the texture, the smell and the feeling on your skin. Don’t mentally write a to-do list while you wait for it to dry!
  • Develop skincare rituals not routines
  • Leave your favourite activated charcoal skin and body care products on your bathroom bench. The smell alone can be a great trigger for relaxation. Perhaps you remember the friend or partner who gifted it to you. Or maybe it makes you feel really great because you know that it is filled with all of the simple ingredients you love

This is not a blog post designed to be cliché. Everyone navigates their lives in different ways; in ways that provide meaning to them. But there is a shared human experience in that we can all appreciate the simple things in life. They will not dull pain, ease anxiety or magically make all of the troubles in our world disappear. But the simple things in life can be enjoyed each and every day by everyone…even just for a moment or two.

Let us know the simplest skin and body care ritual you have. Sharing is simple too! C&B


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