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Show Me Your Pearly White Teeth – But First Let’s Get Dirty

It seems that many believe the path to whiter teeth is through an ancient black miracle powder – activated charcoal. Whether you make the black sludgy paste yourself at home or buy a toothpaste that contains the stuff, C&B has researched why proponents like to get dirty (with activated charcoal) before they confidently flash their pearly whites.

How Does it Work?

Activated charcoal is attracted to and readily absorbs tannins. Amongst other things tannins are found in coffee, tea and wine. These tannins are typically what causes the staining of tooth enamel. Activated charcoal adsorbs (yes adsorbs not absorbs) these tannins but supporters believe it doesn’t absorb calcium salts which is what tooth enamel is made of.

If you want to see for yourself how this works, add a small amount of activated charcoal powder to your tooth paste. Mix with a little water and swish around your mouth. Remember to drink a lot of water after you have rinsed out your mouth in case you have ingested any activated charcoal.

Some of the Benefits of Activated Charcoal for Tooth and Oral Care

  • Adjusts the pH balance in the mouth
  • Helps prevent cavities
  • Helps with bad breath and gum disease
  • Deodorises your mouth
  • Removes plaque
  • Prevents bacterial build up from growing on your brush
  • Whitens teeth

To really nail the entire tooth brushing process with less chemicals, consider buying yourself an activated charcoal toothbrush as well. Most activated charcoal toothbrushes are made from sustainable and recyclable bamboo with charcoal infused bristles making this eco-friendly option a winner with many looking to reduce their exposure to toxins.

Verdict? The Jury is Out

The web hosts reviews from a range of beauty bloggers, cosmetic dentists, vegans and many more who have varied opinions about whether activated charcoal toothpaste and teeth whitening products are effective. Some believe that these products create a great natural alternative to commercial toothpastes without toxic ingredients.

Whilst proponents for activated charcoal toothpaste extol the virtues of their whiter teeth with less stains, some dentists argue that activated charcoal toothpaste may bind to medications that the body needs when ingested and even bind to bacteria required for proper digestion. If manufacturers do not use the correct type of charcoal that could also be detrimental to your health. There is no clear consensus about whether these products remove enamel from your teeth.

Messy Business 

Activated charcoal stains stuff! That includes things like the sink, socks, slippers, towels, fabrics, surfaces and fingers. Some say that it can stain your teeth as well if you have had major dental work done.

But supporters of activated charcoal toothpaste and teeth whitening products have found where there is a will, there is a way! The shower seems to be the number one spot to embrace the messiness. Simply ensure that you rinse your mouth out until there is no black residue left and clean the bottom of the shower with the shower head to rinse away any residue you can see there. C&B 

What’s your experience with activated charcoal toothpaste or other oral products? Give us your feedback in the comments section below.



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