Slap Shot Soap by Seattle Sundries

Product Review: Slap Shot Soap by Seattle Sundries

Product information

Slap Shot Soap by Seattle Sundries

Brand claims
Handcrafted from premium, natural ingredients. Long-lasting 4 ounce round bar, made with odor-fighting activated charcoal that will NOT stain

Give me the good stuff
This artisan soap is made from natural ingredients. It uses palm oil BUT the palm oil is organic and sustainably sourced

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sustainable Organic Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Activated Charcoal, Spearmint and Tea Tree Essential Oil Blend

Close to nature?
Slap Shot Soap is made from scratch using only natural scents and colors. It comes packaged in a re-usable and recyclable travel tin. It contains no harmful preservatives, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrance oils and is scented with 100% pure essential oils. This product is made by hand in small batches

NOTE: Whilst Sodium Hydroxide is listed as an ingredient, it is used as a reagent (a chemical reaction to produce other substances) in the soap making process which is common and is safe after it has been used to produce other substances

Great if you or someone you love is mad about hockey. It makes a great themed gift!
It’s versatile – you can use it for your body, hands or face cleansing
A big thumbs up for sustainability – it is packaged in a reusable and recyclable travel tin
The tin looks fantastic – fits on the bathroom candy list for sure
Portable – you can take the tin anywhere
Almost universally the reviews say this product smells great

It can leave a dirt like residue in the shower – just make sure you rinse the shower or bath after you use this
We’ve read a couple of reviews that say it’s a little pricey for a soap. Given you can use this soap for your body, hand or face cleansing C&B thinks this is a pretty versatile tin of goodness

Handy hints
Use for body, hand, or face cleansing
Can leave a bit of a residue in the shower. Don’t forget to rinse the shower after use
The company recommends that the wet bar be stored in the tin with the lid side down

How often should I use it?
As often as you play hockey?? Nope. This soap can be used each day hockey or no hockey

Where is it from?
Seattle, Washington, USA

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