Fig and Yarrow Clay Mask (Black)

Product Review: Clay Mask (Black) by Fig and Yarrow

Got time for a spot of pampering tonight or this weekend? Maybe this Clay Mask from Fig and Yarrow could get you on your way. Combine this with our skincare ritual tips and you can create your own home day spa in no time. 

Brand claims
An exceptionally detoxifying and pore de-congesting clay mask; especially suited for challenged and oil-prone skin types. Deep pore cleansing and excellent for neck, chest, and back in addition to facial areas

Give me the good stuff
A combination of black clay, activated charcoal and palmarosa essence is used to assist in the removal of skin-aging chemicals and toxins while sweeping away dull surface cells

Kaolinite (black clay), activated coconut charcoal powder, Cymbopogon martinii (palmarosa) essential oil

Close to nature?
Yes. Certified organic, raw and all natural ingredients

Handy hints
Take a small amount of powder, add liquid (try raw honey, yogurt, aloe or floral infused water, chilled green tea, natural yoghurt, floral infused water etc…) and blend to achieve desired consistency; apply to skin and allow to set until dry. Once dry remove with warm water. Follow with a scrub or complexion water as if desired. May be refrigerated and kept fresh up to a week after liquid is added

This mask is a dry blend of clays, herbs and essential oils. As such, it requires no preservation and allows you to add whatever liquid element you wish to make your own personliased blend from scratch at each or every few applications
We think the packaging is pretty awesome and a definite “bathroom candy” contender
You don’t need to use much of the powder with each application which means the jar should last for a while – you should get around 30 applications from the jar
If you mix a particularly fabulous liquid mask, you can pop it in the fridge and it will last for a week

Mess alert – probably best to mix your clay mask of choice over your bathroom sink or similar

How often should I use it?
Once or twice a week

Where is it from?
Small-batch handcrafted product made in Colorado

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