Goals and Intentions for 2017

Set Your Own Path – A Guide to Setting Skin and Body Care Intentions for 2017

5 reasons to set skin and body care intentions for 2017

Whether you saw the new year in partying with family and friends, reflecting quietly on the year that has been at home or you were fast asleep before the clock struck 12, a happy new year to you all from Charcoal and Body.

Whilst it may sound cliché, the start of a new year is great for creating a mental full stop on the year that has been and creating a mental fresh start for the year ahead. It is the perfect time of year to think about the things you would like to start doing and the things you would like to stop doing in your life. This applies to your skin and body care routines as well.

The start of 2017 presents a great opportunity to reflect on your own skin and body wellness rituals.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself:

  • Did I look after my skin and body in 2016?
  • Did I start the year well with a great skin and body care ritual and then fall back into old habits of not taking care of my body and skin?
  • On reflection what were my great body and skin care habits and rituals?
  • What body and skin care rituals and habits no longer serve me?
  • Was I trying to do too much? Did I get caught up in complex morning and evening rituals that I was initially energised by but which were too difficult to maintain?
  • What skin and body care products did I use that I loved and what products did I use just because they were in the cupboard?

Here are C&Bs top 5 reasons to start (and end!) 2017 with a focus on your skin and body care rituals with activated charcoal products:

  1. Your skin will thank you (see our Activated Charcoal Body Benefits post)
  2. The earth will thank you, especially when you choose products that are wholly or even partly natural and even better, where organic ingredients are used. See the C&B reviews of specific activated charcoal products that are “close to nature” under the Reviews section of this site
  3. You will be washing away the chemicals and toxins we are exposed to in our environment every day
  4. Your body and skin care rituals are beneficial to you and everyone else in your life as well. Don’t see the time you take to care for your skin as an optional extra in your life; this time nurtures and replenishes your skin. This time creates some space just for you. Even taking a very small amount of time out of your day, leaves you with energy reserves to face the world and its challenges again
  5. Many activated charcoal products are made by people who really want to make a difference not just for you, but for the world in general. Often this is by using ethically and naturally sourced ingredients with methods that are sustainable (ie products made in batches made by hand) and even in some cases where the packaging itself is biodegradable

Set aside some time to review your current skin and body care products containing activated charcoal. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Pull out of your cupboard all of your skin and body care products containing activated charcoal. Throw out those products with expiry dates that have passed
  • Put all the products you love to one side – they should definitely form part of your skin and body care rituals in 2017
  • Consider re-gifting any skin and body care products that you don’t use or that you haven’t opened. If you know deep down those products are not going to work for you they should be given to someone else who will enjoy them
  • Write yourself a very specific list of product types you would like to use moving forward
  • Visit your favourite store either online or in person and short list any products you think might work for you
  • Remember to keep it simple – if you already have products that work for you, don’t buy anything new just for the sake of it. Instead set an intention to use those products on a more regular basis in 2017

Be bold. Set some goals and intentions for 2017:

  • Set an intention or goal for your skin and body care rituals for 2017. Write that intention down if that works for you or even record it in your digital device of choice. Remember to create change slowly. Trying to make too many changes at once will be difficult to maintain
  • Set yourself a reminder each season (ie Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter and Spring) to see how you are tracking against your intention(s). You might remind yourself by marking your calendar on the wall with a small note or by setting a recurring alarm at the start of each season on your mobile phone. Reviewing your skin and body care intentions or goals every three months or so, will allow you to tweak your habits and rituals where you need to re-set your course

And remember, be kind to yourself. The setting of goals and intentions is not designed for you to give yourself a hard time if you don’t achieve them entirely – congratulate yourself on any steps taken in the right direction.

What simple goals and intentions have you set for your skin and body care rituals for 2017?  Let us know in the comments section below.

May 2017 bring you improved wellness and personal growth. We look forward to sharing more activated charcoal product reviews with you in the year ahead. Look out for our regular blog posts to help you on your wellness journey. C&B.

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