DIY Activated Charcoal Body Scrub…just in time for the weekend

Inspiration for your next DIY Activated Charcoal Body Scrub

Make some time this weekend for a DIY Activated Charcoal Scrub. Body scrubs help to rejuvenate your skin, remove dead cells and increase circulation. They also leave you skin feeling all “zingy”. Yep, that is a technical term!

Let’s keep things simple. Here’s some inspiration for you to create an activated charcoal body scrub that is just right for you

  • 1/3 cup sugar (like organic, white or granulated cane sugar)
  • 2 tablespoons of oil (like organic virgin oil or coconut oil)
  • ½ teaspoon (or a little more) activated charcoal powder
  • 3 drops of an essential oil that your skin loves – maybe something like tea tree, lavender or sandalwood

If you’ve got activated charcoal powder at home then obviously you can use that in this recipe. Activated charcoal capsules work really well too because they help to minimise your mess. Although you all know that we think that the messyness should be embraced. Click here for our guide to embracing the messyness!

 A Couple of Hints and Tips from Charcoal and Body

  • If you have dry skin experiment with adding a little more oil
  • If your ingredient mix seems a little dry then add consider adding a little more oil or water
  • Always test your DIY mix on your body in one patch to make sure your mix doesn’t irritate your skin or cause any sort of allergic reaction
  • Consider using your body scrub in the shower which will likely contain the messyness

How to Apply an Activated Charcoal Body Scrub

It’s pretty simple. Just mix all of the ingredients together into a paste. Massage the mix on your body for maybe 20-30 seconds or so. You can use your hands or an exfoliating scrub mitt to do this. Then rinse off under warm water gently using a loofa or a cloth which will remove any excess scrub.

Many people like to apply the scrub to their skin in a circular motion. Once you are finished, you may notice a black residue in your shower base. Don’t freak out. It’s easy to remove with a wipe down with a cloth. The same goes for your skin. If the scrub leaves some residue on your skin, wipe gently with a cloth.

Other Inspo

Don’t feel compelled to go with the recipe above. There are endless combinations to experiment with when you are creating your own custom activated charcoal body scrub.  For example other DIY recipe ideas include using say 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of water and 1 teaspoon of green clay alongside the activated charcoal powder.

Don’t have any activated charcoal powder? Head over to our Body Scrub section for some gorgeous scrub brands that have already done the work for you like Moody Zook and Rocky Mountain.

Don’t have the energy, time or inclination to make a DIY body scrub yourself? Check out Buddy Scrub or Milana Beauty Activated Charcoal Scrub under our Product Reviews.

We’d love to hear what your favourite DIY activated charcoal body scrub mix is. Leave your comments in the Comments section below so that the whole Charcoal and Body community can benefit. C&B


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