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Guide to Activated Charcoal Product Symbols

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We have all been here. You are staring at activated charcoal skin and body care products you THINK you want to buy but it’s overwhelming trying to work out whether the product has all the good qualities you are after and none of the nasties you are not. Is the product cruelty free, vegan friendly and paraben free? Does it contain organic ingredients, is it sustainably sourced and is the packaging biodegradable? By the time you work it all out your lunch break is over and any warm and fuzzy feelings about your purchase have gone out the window.

Charcoal and Body – Product Symbols

We’ve come up with a simple way to help you. Each activated charcoal skin or body care product that Charcoal and Body reviews contains a range of symbols under the “Close to nature” section of each product review. We use symbols when brands specifically reference various attributes:

  • On the product itself or the product’s packaging
  • On the product website
  • Via correspondence that we, or others have had with the brand about the product via various social media channels

We make the assumption that each brand is honest about their product attributes and reflect those claims via symbols in each product review. Charcoal and Body has chosen to use our own symbols for all attributes. If you hover on each symbol a descriptor will appear to remind you of what the symbol means. We do not reflect official logos such as the cruelty free bunny or the Fairtrade mark. These are registered trade marks and use without permission is illegal.

Charcoal and Body welcomes your feedback if you see symbols in our product reviews you believe are incorrect or indeed where our reviews lack symbols you think should be in place. Your feedback will benefit the whole Charcoal and Body community.

You can find a full list of our symbols under About Us/Product Review Symbols on our website. C&B

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