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An Unexpected Activated Charcoal Surprise

What is an Artisan?



  1. a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

The Rise of Activated Charcoal Artisans 

Something exciting and unexpected has happened since we opened the (virtual) doors of Charcoal and Body. We knew that the skin and body care market was experiencing exciting growth in the use of activated charcoal products as a hero ingredient. We knew we wanted to share news of those products with activated charcoal lovers around the world. But what we underestimated was the discovery of a very talented group of humans who are building activated charcoal skin and body care products…by hand.

These humans are artisans; skilled wellness advocates, skin care experts and entrepreneurs who have an obvious level of passion and drive to meet the skin care needs of those in their immediate communities and around the world with products containing activated charcoal.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to research the artisans and their companies that create activated charcoal skin and body care products whether they be activated charcoal deodorants and pastes, toothpastes and powders, exfoliators, masks and body scrubs or any skin care product in between. Sometimes the companies we research sell just one or two activated charcoal skincare gems. Others sell a whole range.

Some artisan businesses create products from their home towns, with local ingredients. Others work hard to source their ingredients ethically and sustainably from different corners of the globe so they can “build” skincare products free from toxins and chemicals.  All artisans we come across work with an obvious level of passion and drive to meet the skin care needs of those in their communities and around the world.

Alongside mainstream product research, Charcoal and Body researches the artisan market to bring to you new activated charcoal skin and body care products. Many of these small companies have already been “discovered” and others are still waiting for their time in the spotlight.

We will continue to share with you the stories of artisans and their activated charcoal skin care products so you are one step closer to enjoying their scents, textures and body benefits. It seems to us that there is something enriching about supporting the artisans of the activated charcoal skin and body care market. We encourage you to try it. C&B

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If you have a favourite activated charcoal product created by an artisan, support them by leaving the company name in the Comments Section below.   



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