5 Great Father's Day Skincare Ideas

5 Activated Charcoal Skincare Gift Ideas for your Dad this Father’s Day

“Yay, socks again this year” said no Dad ever!!

C’mon. You are better than that. You should really have a good think about a more meaningful present for your Dad this Father’s Day. Sure you might have left your run a little. And yes perhaps you have no desire to move from the couch right now to head to the mall to find something. But we can help you.

Charcoal and Body Comes to the Rescue – Here’s the plan to have your Father’s Day shopping done in the next 5 minutes

Do what any loving child would do. Scan through the activated charcoal men’s grooming products below (you do realise that you have your shopping cart in your hand right now – your smart phone) and buy something a little different for your Dad this Father’s Day.

At best you are going to look like an absolute legend for getting a present that seems completely thoughtful. It fact it will look as though you have gone out of your way to find something completely unique.

At worst your Dad will just be glad he didn’t get socks again this year!!!

Go on. Do the activated charcoal community proud and share some organic, natural skin and body care love this Father’s Day.

Feel free to grab the first thing that jumps out at you on this list. This is an exercise in maximum efficiency with the smallest amount of effort.

Your 5 minutes starts now…

Here goes:

1. Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men

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2. The Gentlemen’s Face Wash by Beau Brummell for Men

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3. Gold Mountain Tuxedo Whitener Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener and Detoxifier

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4. Activated Charcoal Soap Bar for Men with Peppermint + Tea Tree

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5. Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser

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OK, so you should have made a choice by now and that deeply thoughtful and meaningful gift will be making its way to you…or your Dad directly – now that it REALLY thoughtful.

The “spiel” you can tell your Dad to really nail the “I thought hard about this present” approach

“Activated charcoal has been around forever Dad but activated charcoal products are very (insert the most relevant term here like “hip”, “cool”, “on trend”, “the best thing ever” – we don’t know your Dad so we can’t say for sure which term will sound most personal!).

It’s a type of carbon that’s highly absorbent. It works by attaching to toxins and absorbing them before they’re absorbed by your body. The charcoal works kind of like a magnet— it attracts all the dirt, oil and other impurities you don’t want on your skin or in your body. I really wanted to put a lot of effort into your gift this year and I hope you love it”

At this point you can lean in for a cuddle if that seems like the most meaningful thing to do. Now, whose Dad wouldn’t be blown away with all that authentic sincerity??

By the way, the information about activated charcoal above IS true. We are not making it up. Activated charcoal is our jam but you might be new to it as well!

Still not sure?

If the activated charcoal wonders above don’t buzz your buttons then head to our Product Review section to check out some other activated charcoal skin and body care products which you can purchase from your couch as well! C&B

PS You’re welcome! Your Father’s Day shopping is now complete. Now you can get back to binging on the latest season of whatever on the couch

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